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If I'm not made for you - who else ?

A collection of the best rap battle hip hop lyrics available at the internet

(Looking for Andy Milonakis Rap Videos ?)

RAP Battle Forums

Freestyle Session Forum
- at

Open Mic Forum
- at one of the best overall hip-hop sites

Underground Hip Hop
- The most popular underground hip hop forums on the Internet.
- post rhymes and give feedback to other lyricists.

- provides a forum for posting text and audio lyrics for review. (Registration required)

- Rookie and Pro Battles

- Hip Hop Forums

- All real rappers keep it real in L.C. This is a Special Forum

- The best text and audio battling on the net. Drop yer rhymes, poetry, and thoughts on life as well. This is one place you have to "Spit to Survive!!"

deep mcs
- offers free private forums for crews/clans/groups. Forum is very active and mod spots are still available

Crew Nation
- Crew Nation is a very unique new HIPHOP site where every function is crew related.We have tourneys,audio forums,crew battles,hiphop news etc.

- Feat. Emceeing Lyricists' Lounge

german battle board

Hip_Hop Chats and Forums

Freestyle Beats
- music, lyrics, pictures, bios

Vibe Magazine
- Forums with battleboard

Free RAP Beats

- #1 Site Royalty Free, Hip Hop Tracks, R&B Tracks, HipHop Tracks, Rap Beats, Rap Tracks, R&B, Futuristic Instrumental Tracks

Rock It Productions
- provides original Hip-Hop and R&B instrumentals for individual artists or companies in need of music for their projects.

free rap beats
- from soundclick

Hip! Hop! Freestyles!
- real audio freestyles from the archives of

RAP and Hip-Hop Lyrics

Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive (OHHLA)
- public domain library of hip-hop lyrics from rap artists.


Hip_Hop_song_lyrics (2)

Search for Music by Lyrics

Tupac lyrics

50cent lyrics

eminem lyrics

nas lyrics

missy elliott lyrics

sean paul lyrics

usher lyrics

lyrics-search site

tablature search

Yahoo Rap and Hip Hop Lyrics



More Stuff

The essential guide to freestyle rapping, the monkey way

RaP-DoMe dot TK - Freestyle tips

Learn how to beatbox

Rhymerator V1.0

- Encyclopedia article about Freestyle rap

Hip Hop Starz Record Producer
- PC Software with free demo available

some 80s rap videos

Andy Milonakis
- Videos of small fat white boy Andy Milonakis doing some freestyle (funny)

CD Baby
- Largest seller of independent CDs on the web.
Only sell CDs that come directly from the musicians. No distributors.

Learn Freestyle:
Search this site:

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