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Illuminati unveiled!

"We all live in a yellow submarine..."

When I first read the famous Illuminati-Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, I came to the conclusion, that everything is contained by something.

Just like Hagbart Celine in his submarine controlling the world in a way - You and me both are the creators of our own reality. Being 32 years old now (sic!), I am still into that stuff. I am wondering from time to time, how this all is connected: It's just like the butterfly wing theory (another link) - it effects just every other thing in the whole world. Are there any secret societies ruling the world? Are we helpless victims of the circumstances? Is there any god out there, which is reasonable for all this strange things happen? - I would say: YOS! Again, it is like controlling a submarine: You just have to come up, but then you will be shoot ! It's up to you: BE YOURSELF (The other ones). Enjoy your stay !


NEW - Dive your own yellow submarine in this flash-animation (Aug 2002)

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