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beat You better
not click the link on the picture:
I warn you

Truth falls A L's L A's I M's M I's slave hurtS


"is this domain name for sale?"
In a word, yes. And now, the bad news. I love my domain name. I've had it for years. It's got, well, a nice beat to it.
Besides, my friend Joern uses as the business address for his german business site. And I'm not going to turn him out on the street for a thousand bucks plus a piece of your imaginary IPO.
I may be a whore, but I'm not a <$%#*"/$> whore.
So. If you are interested in obtaining this domain name, please go to bed and make me an offer. You'll pass out when you see the starting bid.
You'll call me names I didn't know you knew. And I will smile quietly to myself and say,
"Hey, don't buy it then." No big whoop.



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