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Bootleg Object #1 Braun Audio 1


The audio 1 "Kompaktanlage", issued by german electronics company Braun in 1962, consists in its original configuration of a record player and a multiband radio receiver. It is a milestone of german post-war design, and the guys at zirkeltraining consider it even more important than its predecessor, the 'phonosuper' aka 'schneewittchensarg'.

This Zirkeltraining aimed at creating a feature- packed MP3 concept system according to the strict design principles that old-ulm-schooler Dieter Rams applied when designing the original object based on a vintage chassis, retaining as many of the original parts as seemed adequate, but taking into account todays technological possibilities.

The first prototype, finished in February 2002 after 14 days of heavy zirkeling, is already a fully functioning system, a complete implementation of the base concept. Many more features are included in the advanced concept, which can be realized on-demand.

Limited Edition. 5 pieces.

Illuminated design by the 7 dwarfs !

"Back to retro...!"

original chassis of an audio 1 system,
date stamped November 1962

PC - based MP3 player
30 GB capacity - about 400 hours playing
time at better-than CD Quality
large format TFT display
high quality JBL control hi-fi amplifier
and speakers in original Braun chassis
fast access jog shuttle controller
orignial 1962 dials and buttons with
digital back - end stationary. not portable

Built-in TB 100 ethernet LAN
remote control via VNC
from any computer in the network
functions as a network storage
node in any pc based
TCP/IP network
imports play lists from popular mp3 softwares

displays artist, album and Song title,
playing time sample rate etc
play titles by song artist/album
play titles by playlists
random mode

digital radio tuner
preset playlists
free tuning

line Input
streaming media-ready

the modular internal design permits technological changes

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