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Latest NEWS

March 21, 2002

WASHINGTON -- The Church of Scientology has managed to yank references to anti-Scientology websites from the Google search engine.

Citing the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Scientology lawyers are claiming that Google may no longer include anti-Scientology sites that allegedly infringe upon the church's intellectual property.

Read the whole story at

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Jesus dress up !

King Kong died for your sins !

"What the hell...?!"

As you allready know,
things happen.

Some things use to happen
every year - others don't.

Some people die once,
some die every single year

Did you ever ask yourself, why some people
"alway's look on the bright side of life", while others being hunted and eaten?

Or: "Who was first: Bunny or egg?"

And there is the most important question of all:
"How would you dress up, if you knew your followers are die-hard."

I might be wrong, but if I were able to choose,
I would prefer to not being merged together with something.

Don't know, why the good one's always the looser?

This Site is member of the Ring of Fnords,
the only Discordian CyberCabal on the WWW


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Who believes the fact that one can lie with words
could mean that it would occur here.

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